Swat Valley

The eye catching and lush green is the historic Swat Valley also known as Switzerland of Pakistan,  this valley lies  in the Malakand Division between 34°-40′ to 35° N latitude and 72’ to 74°-6’ E longitude and is part of the  the Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa province (KPK) . The valley is very beautiful on one hand and most significant to the other because  three major parts of the Asian continent that is South Asia, Central Asia and China meet with this beautiful valley.

The valley was very historical and cultural about the human activities covering withpassage of  time. Alexander the Great also came here in 327 BC and used this route via  India. This valley form ancient times is main hub of  Buddhism, and its cultural trends and old Buddhas are still seeing their and a large number of tourists from globe visited this valley and some Statues of Buddhas is still found from river bed and the tops of the mountains of this valley. In the field of education, health and communication during Abdul Wadud from 1917-1949 and Jahan Zeb’s from 1949-1969 there are many develpopment worked was done in this Swat State.

This valley is so attrative for both local and international tourist so this valley is also  known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. In history of this valley remain attraction for Buddhist who visited this valley occasionally becasuse soem ancient flourishing Buddhist civilization is still their in many places in Swat Valley. Interestingly its previous name was  Udyana means Land of Gardens.

This valley is very fertile for agricultural point of view and major fruits and vegetables are cultivated in this areas and fruits of swat valley is tasty with full of juices. This  valley is full of greenery and roaring rivers, and at in winter with full snow-covered peaks also attracted the traveller around the world.


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