Kaghan Naran Festival

Kaghan Valley is one of the most beautiful, attractive & scenic tourist place of Pakistan. This entire valley is from balakot to Naran & Babusar Top is full of imaginary views with pleasant weather in hot summer season and glacier in all the way mostly Naran -Gilkud road. Its snow capped mountains, chilled watered fantastic vast lakes, huge waterfalls and lush green forests attract every nature loving person of Pakistan and other parts of world. Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa organise a three days `Kaghan Festival (Mela)` to promote tourism in Pakistan, which was ended.

3 thoughts on “Kaghan Naran Festival

  1. Dilshad

    Good to see to promote our tourism add more beautiful places of North Pakistan or northern areas and highlight the positive image of my country

  2. ghulam abbas

    Best tourism attraction in Pakistan for international tourist as well. good add more pix of the northern areas.

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