There are many games which are famous and played in North Pakistan but most famous is Polo which is the most favourite game of the people of Gilgit, Chilas, Astore, Hunza, Nagar and the surrounding areas of North Pakistan. Every year, many tourists visit to enjoy polo in Gilgit-Baltistan. Like other areas there are many other games which are played like as cricket, Tuksori of Nagar, gulli danda, kabbadi, and volleyball are also played. In Baltistan, the main features of Nowruz are the giving of coloured eggs to friends and polo matches. In Balochistan, the festival is marked with outdoor feasts, and the traditional jumping over a fire to wash away sins and usher in a fresh start. The origins of this festival are pre-Islamic and date back to when Pakistan was part of the Achaemenid and Sassanid Persian empires.

Jashn-e-Baharan Jashn (celebration) Baharan (spring) are also known as Basant, is a pre-Islamic Punjabi festival that marks the coming of spring. Celebrations in Pakistan are centered in Lahore, and people from all over the country and abroad come to the city for the annual festivities. Kite flying competitions take place all over the city’s rooftops during Basant but after hundred of people lost their life after this festival now government banned this festival to save the life of youngester, but in North pakistan this festival is celebrating by some areas.

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