Broghil, also known as Boroghil, even written as Broghol and several other ways, is a highest mountain pass that crosses the Pamir and connectted thorugh the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan with Pakistan  beautiful and attractive  valley Chitral in north Pakistan. There are many projects om this valley to protect the valley and its natural beauty in one project namely national Geographic Project, Broghil Pass was an anicient route which was accessable by all the invaders and this was  appears to be the route used by the ancestors most of the western Europeans to approach Europe. Broghil is a relatively low pass, it has only 3,798 meters or 12,460 feet high. This valley was closed for about three months due to heavy snowfall in this area mostly in winter because the entire routes to access this Broghil was closed by glaciers and heavy sliding but  rest of the year it was approachable even by small cars. It is located at 37°00′from the North  73°26 from the east. This area of Broghil is also inhabited by Wakhi Tajiks and by Kyrgyz  and almost all other tribes are settled their in this beautiful valley.

The Broghil Pass have a unique and distinction that one of the four major mountain passes enter Chitral. Some most attractive passes are the Dorah Pass from Badakshan in Afghanistan, Shandur Top from Gilgit, and Lowari Top from Dir in Pakistan. For these pass it got more important for tourism point of view which invited the tourists worldwide to see and stay here for long.

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