North Pakistan and heaven of earth have beautiful and attrative cities like Gilgit, Skardu, Askole and Astor but Gilgit has the main distinction and is the major town along the Karakoram Highway (KKH) when your are  entering China.
Karimabad – supposedly the setting for James Hilton’s Shangri-La, and the valley lives up to that reputation.
Skardu – Home to some of the World’s highest mountain peaks, glaciers, forts, museums and resorts. There are many beautiful cities in Gilgit-Baltistan region some are Astore, Askole, Bunji , Chilas, Chillinji, Chiran, Gakuch, Ghangche, Ghizer, Gilgit, Gorikot, Gulmit, Karimabad (Hunza), Ishkoman, Khaplu, Minimerg, Misgar, Passu, Shimshal, Skardu, Sust, Taghafari, Thorar, Jaglot, Chalt (Nagar), Thole (Nagar), Qasimabad Masoot (Nagar), Nagar Proper, Ghulmat (Nagar) these areas encourage a large of tourists worldwide.
Askole is a small and beautiful town of Gilgit-Baltistan it is located in the Braldu Valley in the most remote area of Karakoram mountains in North Pakistan. It is the last settlement before the wilderness of the Karakoram. Askole is the gateway to four of the world’s fourteen highest peaks known as Eight-thousanders which is above 8,000 meters.
Astor is beautiful and coldest place and it is the capital of Astore District in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of north Pakistan. It is located at 35°22’0N 74°51’0E with an altitude of 2546 metres and has the distinction that this is the coldest place within the country, with forzen temperatures that is −26 degrees Celsius but even a large number of local and international visited these heaven on earth.

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