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Park hotel welcome all of its guest in Gilgit,  the hub town of the fairies, Park hotel is located in one of the bewitching valleys of the North Pakistan, Where the World’s Great Mountain chains,  The Karakuram,  The Himalayas, The Pamirs and the Hindukush meets.

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Address:Park Hotel, Airport Road, Gilgit
Ph : +925811 452379, +925811 452479
Fax :+925811 453796
Cell :0345 – 933 2727, 0300 933 2727



2 thoughts on “PARK HOTEL

  1. Zafar

    Asalam alay kum
    We stayed in room 134 on the 9th and 10th of August. I left a yellow printed scarf in the room which has personal value.
    Please can you phone me on 03168531446 or 03163103292 to let me know that it is available.

  2. hotel

    Over the years Park hotel have kept its secret, the location is in middle of the main bazaar area, local travelers and foreigners still prefer to stay here while staying here you can easily get in conversation with another travelers who are happy to meet.

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