Karomber Lake

Karomber Lake is a high altitude lake located in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.  It is the 31st highest lakes in the world at a height of 4,272 meters (14,016 ft). The approximate length of the lake is 3.9 kilometers (2 mi), width is 2 km and, average depth is 52 meters (171 ft)

Karambar lake is considered as one of the most beautiful mountain lake in the world. If you are visiting tjis lake you can see high pamir mountains all around the lake with long green grass and herds of yaks.
Yaks are in large numbers in this area and you can also see  mythical Snow Leopard in this area with all these beauty, all four routes to the lake are extremely tough. Only a very few tourists can  reach this attractive and beautiful lake every year.
If you are travelling north Pakistan then you can access to another beautiful cross that is Chillinji Pass This pass is above 17000 feet form sea level and  you can also see huge and big glaciers like infamous Chitti Boi glacier or 16000 feet high Darkot Pass. The approximate length of the lake is 3.9 kilometers , which attract the tourists around the globe.

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